Strategy 2021-2025

JSC “Pasažieru vilciens” medium-term strategy for 2021–2025 is a medium-term planning document that defines the main strategic goals and action for fulfilment of the strategic goals of the programme.



We provide reliable mobility for a sustainable lifestyle.



We are an environment-friendly and reliable passenger carrier in the Baltic region, which provides the possibility to reach the destination in a fast, safe and comfortable way.

Our values are responsibility, development, cooperation.
To ensure sustainable, accessible and uninterrupted passenger carriage services, which meet the needs of efficient mobility and promote accessibility of regions, to promote trust of residents in the public railway transport, making it a conscious and rational choice due to convenience and quality of the provided services, and to develop competitive and economically justified mobility services in the Baltic region. 

  1. To shape and develop convenient, accessible and convenient services for passengers in the Baltic region.

  2. To be a more environment-friendly railway passenger carrier.

  3. To develop financially sustainable services.

  4. To develop a motivating and inclusive work environment.