Safety policy

Safety policy is company’s strategy in field of safety where long-term safety guidelines and safety objectives of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens” are set forth.

Basic feature of long-term activity of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens” AS – customer-orientated, efficient company that ensures safe and qualitative inland passenger transport by rail.


Main objective of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens” is to ensure the inhabitants with high quality and safe passenger transport services by rail according to market requirements, and to take care of increase of company’s value and welfare of employees by maintaining the traditions of railway industry developed over the years.
Basic principles of activity of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens” resulting from the mission:

  • safety and quality of the service;
  • efficient entrepreneurship;
  • motivation and welfare of employees.


Main values that are essential for lasting activity and development of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens” and that are as a criterion for employees of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens” when making decisions and performing the duties assigned to them:

  • safety – employees of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens”, when performing their duties, take care that the safety level of passenger transport is maintained and continuously increased;
  • customer-orientated activity – safety, quality and availability of services;
  • responsibility – employees of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens” – railway experts with their decisions and activity are continuously responsible for the safety of traffic;
  • professionalism – education, skills and motivation to perform their duties;
  • honesty – compliance with the generally accepted principles of ethics when performing their duties;
  • traditions – maintaining the historical traditions of railway industry and rise of image of railway men professions.


Strategical objectives

In the result of implementation of long-term strategy of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens” the following objectives should be achieved:

  • increase of safety level of passenger transport and quality of services;
  • increase of efficiency of passenger transport and work;
  • provision of motivation of employees and rise of welfare.


Activity of JSC “Pasazieru vilciens” is regulated by different orders and normative acts that prescribe the procedure how the train composition must be maintained, how the train is serviced, operated and repaired. The system is strictly regulated so that to ensure the passengers with the maximum possible safety level

  • The engine-driver performs thorough inspection of train systems and aggregates before the train starts the route, at the end station and when the train has returned to engine house. 
  • Inspection of the train in the engine house is performed by a special repair team that in case of existing or possible damage eliminates them or eliminates possible occurrence thereof. 
  • To ensure the safety of railway, the infrastructure contains several systems that allow avoiding unpleasant incidents. 
  • Big attention is paid to trainings of engine-drivers and repairs of work trains.
  • Doctors examine the health condition of engine-drivers before and after each trip.