One-time ticket

Where can you purchase the ticket?

  • The ticket can be purchased on the website and mobile app “Vivi Latvija”, at our ticket offices, on the train from the conductor-controller, as well as on Mobilly app.
  • When buying a ticket on the train, if the ticket office is working at the boarding station, an extra fee of EUR 1.00 must be paid to the price of the ticket.
  • Children of pre-school age, members of the national resistance movement, politically persecuted persons, children-orphans, disabled children and their accompaniers, disabled persons of group I and their accompaniers, and disabled persons of group II can buy a ticket with 100% discount.

When is the ticket valid?

  • The electronically purchased ticket is valid for the route, date and time specified in the ticket. If the selected train is late and the ticket is not used, it is valid for traveling with the next train on the same date according to the train schedule. In case the fare on the next train is higher and it is a diesel train, an excess ticket must be purchased from the conductor-controller.
  • A ticket purchased on a train is valid for one journey only on the date and train on which it was purchased.
  • The ticket purchased at the ticket office is valid for one trip on the date and time specified in the ticket.
  • The ticket can be purchased in advance ten days before the planned journey.

On which route is the ticket valid?

  • The ticket is valid on the route indicated on the ticket between two stops or within the zones.