“Pasažieru vilciens”. Next stop – “Vivi”


We launch a gradual transition to the “Vivi” brand, since “Škoda Vagonka” deliver to us the first new electric trains starting from 29 November. The meaning of the new brand involves the movement liveliness, growth and development opportunities, provided by reliable mobility to people, companies and the country. “Vivi” is easy perceivable and understandable also in the international environment, which facilitates opportunities for successful future expansion in the Baltic region.

The name “Vivi” is derived from the first two letters of words in the slogan “Vienā vilcienā” (“On One Train”, also “In One Breath”). The slogan “Vienā vilcienā” symbolises movement from point A to point B in a fast, predictable and reliable way. It speaks about movement and movement habits of people: people are united on a trip, which allows getting everywhere in time, regardless of the destination of each of them. Looking from the linguistic perspective, “vivi” derived from the Latin word “vīvus” means “alive”. Train passenger transport ensures movement and mobility to residents, helps creating opportunities for life and sustainable development.

The logo expresses dynamics, stability, confidence, flexibility and functionality. Since the logo involves a word sign – name and symbol at the same time – it is easy to read and use. The structure of this logo is based on the concept of “vienā vilcienā” line and the shape of train, as well as an associative link to the elements of the former logo, all this combined in a new, sustainable and modern form, namely, it contains the wings characteristic of the graphic identity of JSC “Pasažieru vilciens”, which symbolise freedom of movement and travelling. The used shapes of letters imply moving forward and create associations with train wagon.

We will use the “Vivi” brand in the interior and exterior design of the new trains, on the website, mobile app, as well as in informative and representative materials. Starting from today, the “Vivi” brand is introduced in the digital environment on the website and mobile app, whereas the “Vivi” brand in the train interior and exterior will be launched from the moment of starting passenger transport using the new trains – in mid-December. We plan to complete full process of introduction of the brand by the end of 2024.

The signal yellow colour of the logo means functionality, energy, joy and friendliness towards customers, partners and employees. This shade of yellow is used globally in the transport industry for safety and visibility purposes already from the middle of the previous century. “Vienā vilcienā” graphic elements illustrate the sense of lightness, friendliness and peace.
““Vivi” starts a new phase in the development of JSC “Pasažieru vilciens”, in which we have laid strong foundations to improve the quality and availability of train passenger transport. The aim of the company is to ensure sustainable, accessible and uninterrupted passenger transport, which meets the needs of efficient mobility and facilitates reachability of regions. We will continue working in order to achieve that increasingly more people choose trains as a more environment-friendly option for travelling to the destination in a fast, convenient and safe manner. This means not only more modern trains, but also a new level of passenger experience on the trains, frequency of train trips, passenger service, purchasing of tickets and availability of information on the website and app,” indicates Rodžers Jānis Grigulis, the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Pasažieru vilciens”.

The new brand highlights the operating principles of the company: it is modern rolling stock, constantly improved customer service, higher standards and better and more extensive opportunities for mobility. It is striving towards excellence in modern public transport.