20% discount on tickets on working days

20% discount on tickets on working days

Starting from 17 October 2022 to 14 April 2023, on working days, electric train tickets for a single mid-day trip can be acquired at a 20% discount, purchasing tickets both at the train ticket offices, and on “Pasažieru vilciens” homepage and mobile app, and on the train from the ticket inspector.

Starting from 17 October, also the train timetable of the autumn season has come into effect. The electronic timetable on our website and mobile app includes all the current changes.

You are tired at the mid-day, can't do anything and just want to sleep? Scientists have established that the person's energy drops significantly from 2-4 pm.

What is the solution for this condition or escaping it?

  • Have a 15 minute active walk around the room you are located in!
  • Choose for your lunch food containing proteins and complex carbohydrates, instead of pasta!
  • Listen to music!
  • Plan or take a spontaneous train trip – to the sea, to any institution or just as a tour!

The discount on tickets for a single trip applies to:

  • 7 trains in the route Rīga-Skulte-Rīga;
  • 8 trains in the route Rīga-Aizkraukle-Rīga;
  • 10 trains in the route Rīga-Jelgava-Rīga;
  • 13 trains in the route Rīga-Tukums-Rīga.

In the train timetables near ticket offices and on informative stands at train stations, the trips, to which the discount applies, are marked with a green mark. Also on the website and mobile app these trips are marked with a 20% discount mark.

When purchasing an e-ticket with a 20% mid-day discount, you can receive an additional 5 or 10% discount, which applies to all e-tickets. The price on the website and the mobile app is indicated with both discounts included.

If you have purchased a ticket with the 20% discount, but decide to board a train the discount does not apply to, you can make an additional payment at the ticket office or on the train to the ticket inspector.

Note that, when boarding a train at the station, which has an open ticket office, the ticket will cost you 0.50 euros more, if acquired from the ticket inspector.