The first new electric train for Latvia is presented

The first new electric train for Latvia is presented

On 23 February, the vehicle manufacturing company “Škoda Vagonka” presented to a wider audience at the train factory in the Czech city Ostrava the new electric trains that will be delivered to Latvia already this year, ordered by JSC “Pasažieru vilciens”.

Currently, the Europe's leading public transportation vehicle manufacturer produces for Latvia 32 modern four-car trains, based on the successful RegioPanter trains. Trains of this type are already running on railways in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and soon manufacturing of similar new series trains will be commenced also for Estonia.  These new trains are even more optimised for Latvian railways, and, meeting the customer's requirements, they are aimed at the most efficient operation - small weight, energy recovery, using the latest technologies. On top of that, passengers will be provided with modern interior, convenient boarding for passengers with restricted mobility, an easy observable information system and comfortable seats.

At the moment, testing of electrical equipment for the first manufactured train composition has been completed at the factory. For another 13 train compositions, assembly and painting works are currently carried out, whereas engineering and welding departments are working on manufacturing of the next 18 train compositions.

The new trains will be used for ensuring passenger transport in the electrified railway traffic lines in the direction of Aizkraukle, Tukums, Skulte and Jelgava.