20% discount on electric train tickets on working days

20% discount on electric train tickets on working days

Starting from 18 October 2021 to 14 April 2022, electric train tickets on working days for a single mid-day trip can be acquired at a 20% discount, purchasing tickets both at the train ticket offices, and on our website or mobile app, and on the train from the ticket inspector.

The discount on tickets for a single trip applies to:

  • 7 trains in the route Rīga-Skulte-Rīga;
  • 8 trains in the route Rīga-Aizkraukle-Rīga;
  • 10 trains in the route Rīga-Jelgava-Rīga;
  • 12 trains in the route Rīga-Tukums-Rīga.

In the train timetables at ticket offices and on informative stands at train stations, the trips, to which the discount applies, are marked with a green mark. Also on the website and mobile app these trips are marked with a 20% discount mark.


When purchasing an e-ticket with a 20% mid-day discount, you can receive an additional discount up to 10%, which applies to all e-tickets. The price on the website and the mobile app is indicated with both discounts included.

If you have purchased a ticket with the 20% discount, but decide to board a train the discount does not apply to, you can make an additional payment at the ticket office or on the train to the ticket inspector.

Note that, when boarding a train at the station, which has an open ticket office, the ticket will cost by 0.50 euros more, if acquired from the ticket inspector.